Alex Chang

UX & Interaction Designer

About Alex

I think of myself as a MacGyver of design. While I may not be defusing bombs or preventing a nuclear meltdown using a paperclip and duct tape with seconds to spare, I’m no stranger to tight deadlines, ambiguous problems, and design constraints, conditions under which I thrive. Like MacGyver, being able to effectively apply the right tools at the right time contextually to each problem and improvise with the resources at hand have been the keys to my success.

My Swiss Army Knife consists of a growing number of tools including design patterns, user research methods, a wide range of prototyping tools and technical platforms, thorough understanding of the design thinking process, and project leadership skills that help me execute on creative solutions to a variety of problem spaces and opportunities.

Methods and tools aside, it is the bringing together of a keen sense of design, broad knowledge of technology, and a deep interest in people that best defines me as a design practitioner.

When not watching re-runs of MacGyver, I have a passion for teaching and mentoring. I love sharing my knowledge and collections of resources with others. I am constantly looking to inspire and cultivate interest in people to explore the areas of User Experience and interaction design. Not only is it always rewarding to help people advance in their paths of learning, but teaching motivates me to continually hone my chops and expand my repertoire.

Alex Chang